Saturday, July 21

Wayward Librarian

I have been most busy these past few days searching for my suitcase.

I met with Mr Drinkwater with regards to helping out at the Library and he was most agreeable. I have my duster at the ready!

As I am currently without a permanent abode, he said he would have a talk with Miss Scanderoon Beck, an Officer of the Caledon Library, who has a spare room at the Home for Wayward Librarians in Port Caledon. And I quote "There are a few small conditions that come with the use of the room, which I will make plain to you if you and Miss Beck come to terms."

I graciously declined but am now having second thoughts myself. It can get a bit chilly under the stars and one can only eat berries and nuts for a small amount of time. I am a vegetarian so the thought of snaring my own hare and cooking it on an open fire chills me to the bone... but then again I fear that I can be no chillier that I am right now.

I do enjoy cooking and have been recommended to read a Mrs Beeton's Book of Household Management and also Mrs EE Kellogg's "Science in the Kitchen" which I shall search Caledon Library for.

I recently found out that Mr JH Kellogg, who was Ella's husband, was a vegetarian too. He was the inventor of Corn Flakes and other "healthful" foods such as peanut butter and granola.

"In 1876, on a summer visit to an aunt in Battle Creek, Michigan, her sister (who made the trip with her) was stricken with typhoid fever and taken to the near-by Battle Creek Sanitarium, , a reform medical institution established by Seventh-day Adventists. It was there, while caring for her sister, that Ella Eaton met Dr. John Harvey Kellogg (1852 - 1943), the new superintendent of the sanitarium."


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