Friday, July 27

No rest for the wicked

Another busy, busy day.

As my suitcase is still missing, it seems that I am very busy sewing new clothes.

Lord Smythe-Kurkin sent some material for me to use. Quite exotic but beggars can't be choosers. Included in the package was a lovely Cameo Brooch that was designed especially for me and features my very own face no less. (Silhouette in Jet from Whitby, North of England)
He apologises profusely for leaving me behind and hopes I am keeping well. He will be back over Caledon way as soon as his business allows him.

Since reading the Needlework volumes, I managed to make myself this new outfit using the free dresses as a pattern that is available in Caledon Victorian City Square.

The Needlework volumes are now in place in the Library so I can have a read whenever I need to.

Mr Drinkwater had another project for me this time required at the 11th Hour. A request for copper plated plaques no less. Metalwork not being one of my strongest skills, I fashioned 17 of them before breakfast.

All in aid of a good cause. The Relay for Life.

I lost my Mother to this dreadful disease, and nursed her through her final days. She had suffered many years but always had a smile and a twinkle in her eye.

I miss her terribly.


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