Wednesday, July 25

Maid in no time

A request was sent for several Needlework volumes for Miss Ofeq and Miss Watkin which Mr Drinkwater kindly posted to me yesterday evening.

Staying up most of the night, with hardly a wink of sleep, I duly completed them at dawn this morning.

I did overhear my employer once say that a good maid should sleep like a needle.. "with one eye open" and be at the ready to do any task that is asked of them.

I'd like to think of myself as a good maid.


JJ Drinkwater said...

My Dear Miss Jewell
I am sure you are the best of Maids, if you pursue those duties with anything like the diligence and skill you apply to the making of the Aetheric Volumes of which The Caledon Library is in such happy receipt!

I am, madame, most grateful to you for the Needlework volumes, and has added them to the Gastromomica, in a Domestic Arts Collection currently located on the third floor of the Whitehorn building, in Victoria City.

Madame, assuredly your debtor

JJ Drinkwater, KCLM, OLA, ON
Librarian of Caledon
High Seneschal, House of Wu

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