Wednesday, July 18

Caledon Library

I have been having a look around Caledon - Victorian City and have been reading in the library. Well, I didn't get much chance to better myself whilst I was in service.

Seeing as I am between employment at this present time, I sent a note to Mr JJ Drinkwater to see he needed any help around the place.

I await his reply.


Nonesuch Ra said...

My Dear Miss Jewell

Our Mr Drinkwater is often a very busy man indeed and, like many of his profession, more comfortable with his books than with the multifarious intricacies of the social world. In fine, he is somewhat retiring, easily distracted, and inclined to mumble. But pray do not despair if you have not yet received any response. In between a disquisition on the origins of the piccolo, and a search for his other glove, he mentioned to me that he received a note from you, and I do not doubt that you shall hear from him in short order.

Jenyca said...

Dear Sir

Thank you kindly for you words and I have no need to despair any longer. He has found time to answer my note (I presume he found his other glove) and plans are a'foot to discuss matters further.

I only know
that the piccolo
is a small flute
(and not dried fruit)

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