Thursday, August 2

Your own imaginations

My sewing skills are still, how shall we put this.. messy but I managed to fashion a likeness of Nancy's dress from the well known Mr Dicken's book, Oliver Twist. (well according to the musical Oliver!)

"There's a little ditty,
They're singing in the city,
Espeshly when they've been
On the gin
Or the beer.

If you've got the patience,
Your own imaginations
Will tell you just exactly what you want to hear... "


Eladrienne Laval said...

Very nicely done!

Jenyca Jewell said...

Thank you, Miss Laval, however I am still at the learning stage.. but good soldiers don't look behind (or so they say) so I can't see the seams that don't match up :)

Practice makes perfect.

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