Tuesday, August 14

Garden Croquet

Here is the pretty (yet pretty useless) set of croquet mallets and balls that I came across. It is a shame that you can't play with them.

I've come across the rules of Garden Croquet which can be found here. (uk site)

Although in America, "Backyard Croquet" or Nine Wicket Croquet can be found here.

An amusing quote from The Lakewood Croquet Club rules:
Section 45, Paragraph 1: Speaking in Tongues
"God save the Queen..."

As much as possible, competitors should attempt to speak only in pompous, over-the-top, grating approximations of British accents during match play. These accents should be somewhere in the region of the dialect displayed in early Monty Python movies. Players should also attempt to invoke the name of the Queen as often as possible, as well as belittling opponents by referring to them as members of Oasis. Of course, players who are not capable of a proper, obnoxious British accent should refrain from even attempting to speak in such a manner during match play. These players should allot a reasonable amount of practice time outside of matches to correctly perfect the accent so that it can be used in later match play.


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