Friday, August 3

Definition: Kitchen Maid

A kitchen maid's salary was slightly more than that of the scullery maid. She got a a pricely sum of £15.00 per year (about $30.00). Her day started at 6.30am but generally ended at 9.30pm.

In large households, the head kitchen maid is an under-cook and assumes many of the plain-cooking responsibilities. In small households, the kitchen maid prepares vegetables, game and poultry, does the dairy-work, and bakes the bread. If there is no stillroom maid, she makes the cakes for luncheon, tea and dessert and the rolls for breakfast. She keeps the kitchen clean and keeps things in order.

She is only allowed upstairs once a day, to attend Morning Prayers. Otherwise she spends all her time between her bedroom in the attic and the Kitchen. She usually dines in the kitchen with the scullery maid.


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