Tuesday, November 6

Meanwhile, back in the kitchen...

I'm not a Kitchen Maid by trade. I can easily burn a pan of water without trying very hard. However I do enjoy singing, (quite badly and mostly out of tune) whilst making my own words up to songs as I dust.

The following can be sangalong with "I'm in the mood for love"

I'm in the mood for soup
Simply because I made some
And simply because I made some
I'm in the mood for soup

Vegetables that I fry
Prior to adding water
Cumin and coriander
I'm in the mood for soup

My pot in winter weather
It'll see some soups I've made
We've put our veg together
Now in the pan, I'm not afraid

And I feel proud because
If it should boil, we'll let it
But, oh please, don't forget it
I'm in the mood for soup


Eladrienne Laval said...

This made me laugh! How cute

Jenyca Jewell said...

Cute but true, Miss Laval. I have been banned from many a kitchen

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