Saturday, November 3

Don't put your daughter on the stage..

The Theatre in Caledon Penzance.

I wonder what entertainment will be on offer? The Theatre isn't officially open as yet (neither is the sim), but I had a wander by on my rounds. Duster in hand, of course. There is a bit of construction dust but as it's work in progress, I didn't spend much time cleaning as only more dust will appear.

I sneaked a look inside and my, it does look very grand.

Research shows that Burlesque was popular in the Victorian Era.

Originally, burlesque featured shows that included comic sketches, often lampooning the social attitudes of the upper classes, alternating with dance routines. It developed alongside vaudeville and ran on competing circuits. In its heyday, burlesque bore little resemblance to earlier literary burlesques which parodied widely known works of literature, theater, or music.

Possibly due to historical social tensions between the upper classes and lower classes of society, much of the humor and entertainment of burlesque focused on lowbrow and ribald subjects.

The genre originated in the 1840s, early in the Victorian Era, a time of culture clashes between the social rules of established aristocracy and a working-class society.

The popular burlesque show of the 1870s though the 1920s referred to a raucous, somewhat bawdy style of variety theater. It was inspired by Lydia Thompson and her troupe, the British Blondes, who first appeared in the United States in the 1860s.

Surprisingly, early Burlesque was produced, written and performed mostly by women.

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